Sunday, October 21

Christmas list

Dear family,
As I know how lazy you are, here is my 2012 Christmas list, spoon-fed to you :)
Of course, as always, money, houses and private jets are also welcome, although they'd make difficult items to return in case they do not suit my tastes.
Yours dearly,
The Inglorious Editor

PS: And here's a link bonanza in case you needed that extra special help

I will leave the research for the cardigan and the beanie bag to you.

PS2: Extra ideas - you know you just can't go wrong with more clothes and shoes, Dance Central 3 (let's just make it a tradition), books (lots of books!) or trips.

Happy early Christmas!


  1. I hope you get all your Christmas wishes come true. :)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you, Victoria, you are so nice! As always! May all your wishes come true as well! :)