Wednesday, February 15

Chocomania Fail

Chocomania was supposed to be this winter's revelation, but I've rarely encountered such a strange smell in a Body Shop butter before. 
I swear I was so excited when the 'chocolaty' launch was announced that I literally could not go to sleep for days. I thought, like a hopeless chocolate consumer that I am, that I was about to encounter my new signature scent. 
Alas, the wicked Body Shop makes an offer I could not refuse and, for 48 hours only, they propose free shipping on Chocomania butters two weeks before its official release. So I buy it. 

If you already own the Cocoa and Shea moisturizers, then know this: Chocomania is a failed combination between these two! I am not saying that it smells disgusting - hell, even I use it now (sure I do, I'm now £9 poorer)  - but come on, people! Where is your imagination?! Why would I want to repurchase something that already reminds me of two of your other products? Ha?! 
And explain this! Why would you even bring up that fact that it offers a 48 hour hydration?! Why would I want to skip my shower so many times in a row?! 

I honestly don't know if I read a truly happy bunny's review on this one, guys.
Is there anybody in this world that will actually sob when this range goes off the market?

Yours truly, 
The Deceived Editor


  1. Haha what a good post! I already moaned about the lip butter on my blog some time ago. Im so disappointed not only by the smell but virtually by the whole product. I dont even use it because it makes my lips flake. But for £4 I at least wanna look at it for a bit on my shelf lol So for me no crying in my pillow for sure! xx

  2. Come and see an international giveaway on my blog -- the prize is a one year subscription to Vogue US magazine. :)

    Xoxo, Victoria.

  3. @tereza: oh, tereza, i am sorry you fell in the body shop trap too! :P but i do agree, they sort of messed it up this time!

    @victoria: done, victoria! hope i win! :P

  4. I was so disappointed by this line :/ I'm a chocoholic too and I expected this to smell divine, but no.. I didn't like the scent at all! I'll stick to my beloved Coconut body butter :)