Saturday, February 25

The Annual Obligatory Birthday Wish List

As required by friends and relatives
I swore I wouldn't ask for anything this year. Except a proper foundation - which I wanted to buy myself (so I would feel sort of empowered that I can now afford ONE high end makeup item, haha!) - there is nothing I absolutely need. So I told everybody that I did not wish for anything in particular. Which was so damn true!
But they kept pestering me for months and months, so I planned this visual aiding gift guide containing stuff I kept bookmarking over the months.
I know these things are quite expensive, but hey! This is a strategy that would, hopefully, make my loved ones redirect to affordable stuff they considered themselves. I've always hated making birthday wish lists and preferred to see what others thought I would like.
Plus I am not materialistic, so a card made with love would also do! :D

I've always been curious: do you enjoy making lists for friends or would rather have a surprise on your birthday?


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  1. May you get all your wish list for your birthday. :)