Sunday, October 23

The Navajo/ Inca Print Craze

A week ago I saw these Victory boot-trainers in Debenhams' shop window and decided they should be mine. A pair of skinny jeans and a new cardigan later, I had them. My clothes had to match!

Since then, I've fallen in love with a few other items that celebrate the Navajo/ Inca culture by their design. Enjoy!

This necklace has to be one of the coolest things on the face of Earth!

When I'll become the most famous Inglorious Editor in the world, this bag will be mine! Aaaaall mine! 

A penny for your thoughts! Or a lipstick! Actually, I think this wristlet can handle them all :)

What do you think? Like this craze or not?


  1. Great trend! Love the colour in the wristlet.


  2. I love your hand clutch! I think it will go well with an all white outfit and tan shoes.

  3. I love the fabric on the wristlet!