Saturday, October 22

Blogger Outfit Inspiration

Having the flu is not a good thing. Ever. This morning I woke up way too early for a Saturday and got to my regular blog reading.

The first one on my list was Laura's Only Half Dressed. I super loved her skirt (it's one of the items I've wanted to buy from Primark for ages, but just did not get the chance to do it) and was also in an 'artsy' mood, so this is what I came up with.

I really hope she likes it :P

You can find her original outfit here.

What do you say? Just for fun - would you like a drawing of your own outfit? :P


  1. This is so awesome, I absolutely love it!!

    L x

  2. @laura: yay! i am sooo glad you like it! :P

  3. Oh my god, this is so cool!! I loved this outfit of Laura's too. Can't wait to see more like this!!

    Charlotte x

  4. @Charlotte: Thank you, Charlotte! I am happy that you like it! :)